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Tankless Water Heater Not Working? Here’s What to Examine
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Tankless water heaters are power-efficient, have low maintenance prices, and are reasonably sturdy. But identical to any equipment, they’re not completely  proof against points. 
In case your tankless water heater isn’t performing as much as par here’s what it is best to verify. 
Scenario 1: There’s no scorching water!
That is the most common downside you may anticipate with a tankless water heater. To get to the foundation of the problem, ask your self the next questions.
How many home equipment am I working at once? If you happen to’re operating the dishwasher, doing a load of towels, and showering at the identical time, chances are you’re just working your water heater to its limits. Choose which scorching water exercise you need right now, turn off the others, and restart your unit. 
Am I reaching my minimum movement charge? The minimum movement charge is the amount of water (in gallons) the tankless unit wants flowing by every minute to supply scorching water. When you’re asking for lower than the minimal circulate fee, the unit might be shutting off as a safety measure. Improve the stream out of your faucet and wait to see if the water heats up.
Is something plugged up? Verify your vents and air intake channels for blockages. Fortunate for you, most tankless water heaters have notification systems that inform you you probably have a blocked exhaust vent somewhere. Make sure that everything—inside and out of doors—is freed from blockages, mud bunnies, or other debris. Dirty burners are additionally a supply of blockage. Make certain they’re clear!
What about my energy supply? Should you’re operating on electricity, check your fundamental electrical panel. One thing may have brought on the breaker to journey, requiring a reset earlier than your tankless water heater will work once more. Should you’re burning fuel, be sure to paid your invoice, there’s propane in your tank, or the gasoline valve is absolutely within the ON place.
Is it cold outside? In the winter, frozen water pipes can forestall hot water from reaching you and your home equipment. Safely and naturally thaw your pipes before trying once more for some scorching water.
Scenario 2: My water is too Learn here scorching.
So what in case you’re experiencing the alternative problem? Here are the things to fix in case your water is getting too sizzling:
·Stop overloading the system by using too many faucets directly. 
·Reset your water heater thermostat to round a hundred and twenty F. 
·Reposition your temperature sensor to get a more accurate reading.
·Again, clear any blockages. Decreased water stream could cause any heated water to get too sizzling. 
Scenario 3: Water runs hot, then cold, then sizzling once more.
It’s the dreaded cold water sandwich, which most frequently occurs within the shower. (What a fantastic begin to your day, eh?)  Here’s what’s most likely taking place: Somebody showered simply before you. The hot water you’re feeling to start with is the leftovers from the previous individual. Then, the water gets cold once more whereas the tankless water heater is re-heating the water in your bathe. Then, as soon as the heater does its job, you get your hot water again.
If this happens lots or really gets on your nerves, ask your Santa Fe plumber if a mini tank water heater might assist. A small tank will give scorching water whereas the tankless unit heats up, stopping this chilly water sandwich sooner or later.
Situation four: My water is… completely different.
Your water ought to at all times be clean and clear. If it’s discolored or smells funky, you might have one thing rising in your unit. That sounds gross, but it surely’s actually frequent and generally harmless with the best maintenance. 
The minerals in our water tend to build up in our units over time. When enough builds up, you get cloudy, yellow, brown, nasty water. Flushing your tankless water heater with a pre-made descaling solution or regular distilled white vinegar should clear up your problem.

It’s good to be in the habit of cleaning your tankless water heater a minimum of every six months. If you understand you will have arduous water issues, ask us about water softeners to assist hold your unit in prime condition.

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